10.05.1847 Setting up of the club, 21 founding members. First executive director: Prof. Ziegler, Spokesperson: Robert Langer

1849 Establishment of the "Pompier-Korps"

1852 The TG has 60 members.

1857 The TG organises the Swabian Gymnastics Festival (Schwäbische Turnfest) in Biberach, with about 300 participants.

1859 Shooting and bayonet fencing are also held in the TG.

1860 11 gymnasts from the TG go to the first German Gymnastics Festival in Coburg.

1861 Short retirement of Robert Langer, new spokesperson: Christian Lieb. The TG has now over 100 members.

1862 Langer comes back at the top of the administration.

1881 The TG organises a National Gymnastics Festival in Biberach.

1895 Football (soccer) is added in the TG’s sports offer.

1897 Death of Robert Langer, new director: Emil Pfeffer

1898 Splitting of some members who form together the Turnerbund Biberach.

1906 New TG director: Otto Mayer

1907 The TG has 395 members.

1909 New director: Fritz Montag

1910 New director: Richard Kifer

1911 The TG and the Turnerbund Biberach organise a District Gymnastics Festival in Biberach. Splitting of the football (soccer) area, which becomes the „Sportverein Biberach“

1919 Creation of the women‘s department; the TG has 418 members.

1920 New director: Karl Gaupp

1921 Opening of TG’s own sports field called „Spielplatz“

1924 Creation of 3 new disciplines: singing, shooting and swimming.

1925 The TG has 662 members.

1927 New director: Otto Schilling. He hands over his post to Leonhard Riehlein.

1930 Otto Schilling assume once again the function of TG-director. The TG organises again the District Gymnastics Festival in Biberach. Reunification with the Turnerbund Biberach

1931 Reunification with the Sportverein Biberach; the TG has now 905 members.

1934 New TG-director: Karl Schäffer

1938 Otto Schilling becomes again TG-director.

1945 First timid fresh start after WWII in the sportive area. Tournaments stay forbidden for a moment.

1946 A part of the TG forms up independently into a « Spielvereinigung» again. Chairman: Edmund Stark

1949 Repeal of the tournament-prohibition, re-establishment of the TG, Chairman: Alfred Gaupp; for the first time the TG has over 1000 members; Beginning of a fencing group.

1952 Splitting of some football members who becomes the "Wacker Biberach"

1953 Creation of the senior’s gymnastics team.

1958 Opening of the TG-centre.

1959 Creation of the disciplines prellball and judo as well as the TG-brassband.

1961 The TG organises District Gymnastics Festival in the new Biberach stadium.

1962 Heinrich Schoch becomes the new TG-chairman.

1963 Creation of the disciplines basketball and bowling.

1967 The TG has 3000 members.

1972 Creation of the volleyball discipline

1974 Creation of the Badminton discipline; the TG organises again the National Gymnastics Festival in Biberach; the TG has now more than 4000 members divided in 19 disciplines; Alfred Rack becomes the President of the TG. Hans Stelzle becomes the new chairman.

1978 Karl Müller becomes the new chairman of the board.

1980 Creation of a second tennis division. (TV Hühnerfeld)

1987 The TG has now 5300 members; Creation of the discipline seniors’ sports. The first Biberach marathon takes place.

1989 Creation of the groups taekwondo and triathlon; Hubert Hagel becomes new chairman of the board.

1991 Creation of the children’s sports school (KiSS : Kindersportschule)

1992 Claus Wilhelm Hoffmann becomes new president of the TG.

1995 Rainer Etzinger becomes new chairman of the board. Creation of the disciplines American football and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

1996 The TG organises the KiSS-Cup in Biberach

1999 Creation of the discipline canoe.

2000 The TG has more than 6100 members in 28 disciplines.

2004 Thomas Fettback becomes the President of the TG.

2007 Creation of the recreational sports area.

2012 Opening of the TG sportive centre; Thomas Fettback resign his presidential office and the board decides to abolish the function of president.

2013 Hans-Peter Beer assume the function of chairman of the board after Rainer Etzinger; Renovation of the TG-center.

2014 Creation of the Karate discipline; the TG has more than 6400 members.






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